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Yutian Shuangying MgO Roof Sheet Co., Ltd.
Add: Houhu Industry Zone, Yutian County,  Hebei, China  064100
Mobile:+86 15612865953  Clark
Tel: +86 0315-6139066
Fax: +86 0315-6110909
Website: www.dhadnv.com
Email: tangshansywy@126.com
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       The magnesium oxide roof sheet is our company Main Product,by using magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, high calcium powder (talc powder, fly ash, fine river sand or slag) and other inorganics as raw materials. medium alkaline glass fiber mesh cloth as skeleton, incorporaton with an appropriate amount of straw powder. The production process is simple, the product with a variety of colors, bright and clean appearance, hard and tough which is durable in use. With the characteristics of insulation to fire and hot, resisted to extreme hot and cold temperature, water proof, sound insulation, and resisted to corrosion. The raw material itself is non-toxic, without carcinogenic substances, without pollution and harm to humans and environment.
      This product can be widely used for factories, warehouses, shopping centres, residential quarters and villas , changing houses roof from flat to slope. Especially suitable for corrosive workshop, farming community, high-temperature chemical plant, smelting plant, and with other special requirements such as sound insulation and temperature preservation。

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